Nik Output Sharpener

Nik Output Sharpener Pro is a plugin to sharpen the photos before printing.

You can sharpen your images with the Output Sharpener before ordering.

For output sharpness, the following tags must be selected: 

  • Display
  • Ink Injection
  • Continuous tone
  • Half tone
  • Hybrid device

The following options depend on which product you want to order. With exposed products (Photos, Posters, Photo Books, Calendars, etc.), you can choose "Exposure". For Wall Decor, "Inkjet Printer" can be selected. 

Viewing distance:

You have to set the viewing distance yourself. This is the distance at which your product will be viewed later. 

Paper Type:

The appropriate surface should be selected. 

Printer Resolution:

1440 x 1440 dpi can be selected as the default for all printed products.


Example of murals (UV direct printing)

  • Inkjet


  • Paper Type:

Canvas: canvas

Matte: Metal Print, Brushed Metal Print, PVC Foamboard, GalleryPrint

Glossy: Acrylic Glass, GalleryPrint


  • Printer resolution: 1200 x 600 ppi (Our best results were obtained with this resolution, regardless of the actual production resolution)

Nik Output Sharpener


Example of printed Photo Books (depending on subject and image resolution)

  • Halftone
  • Viewing distance:
    • Up to 60 cm 
  • Paper Type
    • Uncoated
  • Printer resolution
    • 48 lcpm