Error messages in the design software

Error message in the software

Reinstall the software

Please download the current version of our software and install it again. Your projects will NOT be deleted by the reinstallation.

If there are still problems after the new installation, we need your support to diagnose the problem more precisely.

Does the error still appear despite reinstallation?

If you still receive an error message in the software, please proceed as follows:
Open the settings dialog of the software (accessible via the gear symbol) and select Delete temporary data . Select Delete thumbnails there , then select the option Delete cache and then click on Delete now .

If the problem only occurs on certain pages, mark the affected pages and delete the entire content of these pages from the project. To do this, click on Layers in the right-hand area and choose Select All . Remove the selected elements by clicking the delete symbol in the upper toolbar. No more elements should be displayed under Layers . Please then rename the image files and then re-insert the content (the renamed image files, text fields, etc.) into the pages and please save the project under a new name.

If you still have a problem, please let us know what steps you took before you saw this error message.

Furthermore, please send us the error log (see reading out the error log), a screenshot of the problem and the name + version of your operating system in response to this message.

Reading out the error log:

You can either find the error log in the software by clicking on the small gear wheel in the top right corner and then clicking the Open folder with log files button in the window that opens . Please send us the log files that then appear as text files using the form at .

Alternatively, you can find the log file under the following path on your computer:

For [User] you have to enter the username you are working with.


C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Roaming\SaalDesignSoftware\Local Store\log


/Users/Libary/Preferences/SaalDesignSoftware/Local Store/log